A. Kharkovskaya and V. Shevchenko have developed “Communication in Action” CD. It is a multimedia CD for intermediate EFL students. Audio exercises for the CD have been recorded by Peter Low (Great Britain). The CD can be used both for classroom activities and for individual studies at home. For details and purchasing the CD please contact us via

You can order some issues of the collected papers published by our chair.
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Visit the sites of our friends, the International UNESCO associated school
Gymnasium No.11 of Samara and
Gymnasium No.1 of Samara
It is these gymnasiums whose students most often win our UniversityEnglish Olympiads for school-leavers.



8 June 2010 – Pearson Longman Group and our chair will jointly conduct seminars of Longman Summer School 2010 in Samara. Our special guest will be Rob Dean, Pearson Longman international teacher trainer and academic consultant. He will be speaking on the recent changes in the English language and culture.

15-17 April 2010 – The 2nd All-Russian Students’ Olympiad in Country Study took place in Saransk, and our third-year students Natalia Tkachenko and Anastasia Yerysheva won the 3rd place for Samara State University and our department. We are happy to congratulate our team on this success!

26 March 2010 - Our chair in association with Macmillan Publishers and the non-profit educational establishment “ZNANIYE-CENTRE Study Group” held a contest “ The Best Individual Reading Book” among the students of English Language Department. Congratulations to the winners: Tsygankova Anastasia, Dozhdikova Ekaterina, Abrosimova Maria, Karaseva Elena, Lotova Arina!

23 March 2010 - Our chair in association with Macmillan Publishers hosted the conference “Linguodidactic basis of using new information technologies in modern education”. Stuart Cochrane, the author of the Macmillan Guide to Economics, addressed the audience with his presentation “Why Economics”. G. Zaitsev presented his ‘Global English, global vision, global voices’, Prof. Elena Kashina shared her ‘Teaching tips that stay with us’, Prof. Yevgeny Stefansky spoke on ‘Cross-cultural transfer in linguodidactics’.

Our chair has held our annual translators contest and country study contest for school-leavers. The names of the winners are available on [see Applicant -CS-2010, YT-2010].

Group 06031 (English Language Department, 3rd year) in a close competition has won the title of “The Best Group of Samara State University - 2009”. Well done!

• 4th-year students of our department are enjoying the opportunity of mastering English with a native speaker. Emmet Ryan, Cambridge University MA, is teaching spoken and written English and giving classes of Business English.

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29 October 2009 – It is with the most sincere pleasure that we congratulate our colleague Irina Savina on successfully defending her CPhil thesis (equivalent of American PhD dissertation): “Linguosynergetic aspects of communication verbs functioning (on the material of the English language)”.

23 June 2009 - Our chair and Macmillan Publishers held a joint scientific-practical conference “Teaching English to University and College Students”. The conference aroused much interest among the EFL teachers of the Samara region. More than 200 colleagues from Samara and Togliatti attended the conference. Vyacheslav Shevchenko, an assistant professor of our chair, opened the work of the conference with a speech on discourse transfer. The participants of the conference attended presentations by Philip Kerr, one of the authors of “Straightforward”, who addressed the audience with a brilliant speech on how to teach new vocabulary and cross-cultural competence, and Gennady Zaitsev (Macmillan, Moscow), who spoke about the Internet resources for EFL teachers.

The summer term of 2008 - Vyacheslav Shevchenko worked with a group of American students, who studied Russian with native speakers in Samara State University. The HILT program was supervised by Stony Brook University (USA) and Saint Petersburg University (Russia). 20 American students and post-graduate students came to Samara from Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Emory, and other universities.



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